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Gable and Lombard

My claim to fame 2 generations back! * * *
I have found a picture of my Great Uncle Eric golfing with Carole Lombard and Clark Gable on the elegant obsession blog.
I have just discovered today Eric Tyrrell-Martin and his wife were good friends with the Hollywood couple. My granny (Eric’s sister) said she lost touch with him because he married an American and never came back to England. How amazing to find this image. One day I would love to go on holiday to California.

The man on the left next to Carole and Clark in the golfing photo is Eric.


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  1. Hello! This is amazing to have stumbled across your wordpress. I believe we are cousins (of some sort) from the same generation because my late grandmother was also a sister of Eric Tyrrell-Martin, and it seems we share the same great grandmother.

    Many months ago I was dipping back into family history and found a website which had pictures of Eric with Gable, and it had letters from Gable’s wife to Babs. Unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to find it again, although it must be out there in the ether somewhere. Get in touch!


    • Hi Nikolas, Fantastic! Was your grand mother called Myrtle? Would love to know more. What is your surname and where do you live? I was very close to Diana Tyrrell-Martin my granny who sadly passed away. Her brothers were Henry, Desmond and Eric. She lived In Holland Park, London but grew up in Huddersfield, Yorkshire where they owned the mills. I am researching the Martin side of the family not the Tyrrell side yet but am enjoying discovering. Best wishes, Amanda Rose Tyrrell King


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